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Experience a Re-Awakening of Your Feminine Through Scheherazade School’s Offerings


Are you drawn to the therapeutic benefits of movement and music?

Do you long to deepen your relationship to movement and
music as a spiritual practice?

Are you yearning to bring more
sweet and sensual feminine energy into your life?

You are in the right place
here at the
Scheherazade School
of Dance & Sacred Movement.

This Dance & Sacred Movement school is dedicated to reawakening your feminine through embodied art and ritual.

Hannah Romanowsky, M.A. brings over 30 years of experience in the dance arts and her background in ethnography, psychology, spirituality, and somatic healing techniques to her work with clients. Her workshops, retreats, presentations, performances, and private lessons  are informed by this perspective, honoring traditional movement arts as vehicles of healing and transformation.

We cultivate deeper joy and well-being through authentic womenโ€™s dances and mystical movement practices. These practices come from the Middle East and beyond in service to personal transformation and collective healing.

We are here to provide nourishment for your soul; to be a resource for embodied healing, divine inspiration, feminine vitality, deep joy, and authentic connection.

No previous experience is necessary.

Come cultivate joy, celebrate beauty, and set your spirit free. Come dance with us!

Discover what the Scheherazade School
of Dance & Sacred Movement can offer you here

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Hannah Romanowsky, M.A. will be teaching two workshops at the Austin Belly Dance Convention June 28-30, 2019. Come learn Moroccan dance and Hannah’s signature “Dance of the Fire Priestess”Persian candle dance choreography. Register now


Join us for April 26-28 in Blue ridge, GA for a weekend of sacred dance and immerse yourself in movement, music, and rituals from ancient lands. We will draw inspiration from indigenous traditions and authentic embodied spiritual practices, reawakening our ancestral connection to dance as a vehicle of healing.


Feeling stuck?  Want to get your vital, life-enhancing energies bubbling and flowing?  Love your body and celebrate your creative life force through spine-awakening undulations and shimmies.  Come “shake it off” with us and fill your vessel with joy and beauty! No previous experience necessary. Classes held Wednesdays 10-11am at BodyVibe Studio in San Rafael CA.


Is your soul craving self-expression?  Are you curious about whirling as a therapeutic practice? Do you want to learn traditional dance and choreography from the Middle East? Or perhaps you want to learn social dance skills?  Hannah is available for private coaching and mentoring.

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I just spent two days with Hannah and a diverse group of spirited women on the Spin, Shake, Sway workshop exploring whirling and the Moroccan Guedra, and the experience made me reconnect with dancing at a very deep and intense level. I felt so alive and free in the space where your body and your soul intersect, and beauty and healing naturally happen. The location was magical and the perfect setting for our group.
Regina J.
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