Tricksters, Tarot, and Tuaregs

September 12, 2018

The trickster and wise fool Mulla Nusruddin of Sufi folklore is the beloved star of thousands of stories, often with  subtle moral lessons or teachings. In one such story Mulla had lost his ring in the living room and went out into the yard to look for it. His wife asked: “Mulla, you lost your ring in the room, why are you looking for it in the yard?” He replied, “because the light is better out here”. Isn’t it true how we often look for truths in the most convenient place in spite of the evidence? This ancient story speaks to the folly of looking for spiritual truths outside ourselves, reminding us in contemporary times to drop the activities and external facade, take the time to quiet the heart, step away from the media, and let the inner voice speak.

I invite you to step beyond the veils of time in to movement, music and mystery at the Scheherazade’s Dream overnight retreat Sept 22-23, reimagining a world imbued with spirit, where inner-dimensional jinn play their trickster antics to disrupt the norm, and diviners reveal the secret mysteries of life!

We will contemplate through song the classic tale of star-crossed lovers Layla and Majnoon (the Romeo and Juliet of the East). This ancient story is a Sufi allegory of spiritual love, and their plight has been sung and recited in different forms for hundreds of years. Layla means “night” and Majnoon means “crazy”, and their yearning in the face of separation is a faint echo of the spiritual love for God that consumes the seeker and annihilates the ego.

Explore with us the the mysteries of the Tarot, reigniting the intuitive flame of insight that lit up our ancestral priestesses who served as oracles and diviners, guiding the soul on its journey through life. The history of the Tarot is shrouded in myth and legend, and guest presenter Kirsten Desdemona will share its archetypal insights through her creation The Crimson Tarot.

And I am honored to p resent master percussionist and beloved Bay Area treasure Mary Ellen Donald as our second guest presenter. She will be guiding us through the ancient mystery of rhythm.

And, of course, we will dance, dance, DANCE!  Over the course of this 24 hour retreat we will explore the nuances of dance and regalia from Afghanistan, Morocco, and Ottoman Turkey, learning to dance the Romani 9/8. We will fashion Tuareg ritual headpieces, singing, clapping, and chanting a Guedra blessing ceremony under the stars, until our heads hit the pillow and we soar to the world of dreams on a magic carpet!  Accommodations and meals included.

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