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Origins of Music

Throughout history the mysteries of the universe and secrets of the human heart have been encoded in song, storytelling, music, and dance. While the earliest musical instrument know is dated…

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New fall lecture course at College of Marin

I am DELIGHTED to be offering a lecture course on women, dance and spirituality through College of Marin’s Community Education program this fall. Students who attend my technique classes and…

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Birthday Gratitude and Reflections

Thank you mille fois for the generous food, drinks, roses, gifts, and -most of all- your warm  smiles at my birthday celebration March 4. Tom and I were delighted to…

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Free Class on Valentine’s Day

Join Hannah Romanowsky for a special class to celebrate LOVE in all its forms on Valentine’s Day. Treat a friend to a heart-warming experience of joyful dance, women’s community, and…

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Hannah Romanowsky

A Welcome Message from Hannah

Are you hungry to explore the relationship between dance, spirituality and healing? If you’re like me and many of my clients who are on a spiritual journey, you have discovered…

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cultural fear of letting go

Our ancestors sure knew how to shake it up!  Before wildly embodied spiritual expression was codified and subdued into formal rituals and heady discourse, humans communed with the Holy and…

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