If you have felt the incredible power of dance to touch something deep within you, and you sense there are mysteries of embodied wisdom to unfold, this is the opportunity you’ve been longing for!

Sept 23 – Nov 12, 2017

In-person in Tiburon and San Rafael CA, and online.
A fully online option is also possible. Contact me here.

In this course you will:

Experience healing and transformation through women’s traditional dance

Learn about the very powerful energies and codes embedded in sacred movement and ritual

Reclaim hidden aspects of your femininity that yearn to be expressed

Activate the subtle energies of the body

Awaken more fully to your capacity for self nurturance and healing

Our ancestors used music and movement as sacred technology to open the portal to the spirit world and facilitate healing. Many early indigenous and shamanic practices have been lost or morphed through time, but remnants remain encoded in traditional dance rituals.

In this course you will have the opportunity to open up to and be nourished by this embodied wisdom stream, honoring the wisdom of our ancestors while reclaiming your own spiritual history and dance as a sacred practice in your life. Open this powerful portal of self healing and discovery, and dance deeper into the mystery!

If this sounds like you,
REGISTER NOW for Swaying the Soul
beginning Sept 23, 2017

Program consists of:

1 weekend retreat

4 webinars

1 private session

1 half-day retreat

Workbook, video and audio recordings, and other materials to support you in your practice

Email access for personal questions and guidance

Access to private Facebook group for community support and resourcing



WEEKEND RETREAT: September 23-24 (Tiburon CA)

2 full days of joyful sacred women’s traditional dance and ritual at the beautiful Congressional Community Church of Tiburon overlooking the San Francisco Bay (includes organic catered lunch). During this weekend you will cultivate:

  • Greater flow, vibrancy, and health in body
  • Release of stress
  • Greater attunement to Womb power and vital erotic energy
  • Embody the Goddess through Sacred play and the donning of regalia
  • Get away for the weekend and celebrate in women’s community


WEBINARS (all Wednesdays 4-6pm Pacific time, online via Zoom):

These webinar presentations are designed to complement what you learned at the retreat experientially. You will be given a guided video corresponding to each presentation so that you may practice the tools and techniques on your own.

Oct 4: Whirl of the Cosmic Heart

 As a meditative and ecstatic practice, whirling has been used since ancient times to purify the Heart, center the body, and facilitate contact with the Spirit World. In this webinar you will learn about the powerful esoteric practice and healing benefits of whirling from different cultures and traditions.

Oct 11: Dancing the Womb: Belly Dance, Sexuality, and the Sacred Womb

What makes belly dance such a potent expression of femininity? What do we know about its esoteric mysteries? Using a multi-disciplinary approach, Hannah will unpack rich layers of the spiritual history of this women’s dance and how the movements can facilitate healing and womb re-integration.

Oct 18: Flight of the Soul Bird: Shamanic Roots of Central Asian Dance

Movement and rhythm were used by our ancestors to call in and merge with the animal spirit and facilitate soul journeying for the benefit of the tribe. Though these practices were largely wiped out by newer competing belief systems, remnants remain encoded in dance and ritual.

Two weeks off for integration of material. Homework practices will be given and private sessions scheduled.

Nov 8: Shake It Off: Trauma, Healing, and Dance

Trembling, turning, and rocking are techniques used in indigenous healing practices based on innate movements of the body when it is allowed to respond naturally to stress and trauma. We will explore the history of the therapeutic use of dance and movement and its relationship to contemporary somatic-based trauma therapy.


AFTERNOON RETREAT: November 12 (San Rafael CA)

This half-day retreat will provide an opportunity to reconnect and integrate as a group the learning and experiences that have taken place through a closing practice and ritual.



Hannah will work one-on-one with you, in person or via Zoom, providing tools for your own specific healing needs and creative spiritual exploration in order to deepen your practice.


Swaing the Soul flyer



for the fall course Swaying the Soul:

An Experiential Course in Ancient Women’s Sacred Medicine Dance




3 payments of $297 (before September 11)

3 payments of $333 (after September 11)



Fully online option is available. Contact me for details.

Interested but not quite ready to commit? Join Hannah for a FREE workshop teaser “Shake your Shakti: Stimulate your Feminine Essence through Soulful Earthy Tribal Rhythms and Dance” September 10 at BodyVibe Studio, San Rafael CA.  Click here for more information.