Smell the Roses

May 28, 2018

Have you stopped to admire and appreciate your accomplishments today? It’s so easy to get caught up in the never-ending to-do list of what’s next, focusing on what isn’t go right and what you aren’t doing enough of, that we forget to pause and appreciate the fruits of our labor.

Author and teacher Brené Brown speaks eloquently on this subject in The Power of Vulnerability when she points out what a surprisingly starved culture we are. Even with the material luxuries and comfort we take for grated in the modern world, we structure our lives around “not enough”. As she observes, we often wake up in the morning with the first thought being “I didn’t sleep enough” and the last thought before we go to bed being “I didn’t do enough”. And yet many of are so unbelievably blessed to be able to wake up and engage with life and work as we choose.

Even if there are aspects of our lives we want to improve (and there always are), we can at least kiss the ground in gratitude that there aren’t bombs falling on our heads and we have enough to eat. There is always something to appreciate. In times of stress it is especially important to cultivate gratitude as a practice in mindfulness. There are so many beautiful roses all around that serve as reminders to take in the beauty in the world and the fruits of our labor. Otherwise, what’s the point? On the seventh day, He rested.

The truth is, we will never be finished until the day we leave this earth. And even then we may be off to other cosmic adventures and projects. Given we will never actually arrive, isn’t it important to stop and rest along to way – to stop and smell the roses?

Wishing you a warm and wonderful summer, full of relaxation, love, and light!


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