Who Is Scheherazade Today?

May 20, 2017

Scheherazade remains a vital archetypal figure we can invoke here and now to remind us that it is the creative expression of the Feminine that is being called forth to help correct the imbalances of our world, and it is critical that She be given voice.

The Women’s March in January 2017 was an inspiring example of women and men uniting in solidarity to make their values heard, and there are countless other ways large and small many are being called to defend our Kingdom.

In addition to taking up the Sword of Truth in directed action to protect the vulnerable, there is work to be done on the subtle realm, Scheherazade’s domain, to facilitate internal transformation of consciousness.

We do this work by allowing our inner Scheherazade (regardless of our gender) the space to speak her wisdom in the quiet solitude of contemplation or through loving attentiveness to the messages from our bodies, far away from the battles of the day.

She knows how to weave into wholeness the fragmentation within ourselves, our communities, our nations, and the world, and by staying connected to Her through tending to our inner resources we remain resilient.

Scheherazade is a brave advocate for women and the disenfranchised, a therapist and healer, a learned scholar, and creative artist. She willingly faces great danger in order to preserve justice and higher truth.

Her name, meaning “the one who is free” or “of noble birth”, speaks to her interior landscape being free from unnecessary suffering and lesser distractions.

She is guided by her intuition, regardless of whatever outward oppression and tyrannical forces attempt to catch her in the powerful Web of their vortex. These qualities are worth emulating.

The story of Scheherazade is ripe for our times.  As “alternative facts” permeate the cybersphere the stakes are too high to ignore. It is critically important that we cultivate the inner compass of our intuition in order to respond more wisely and creatively as we take up the mantle of leadership in our communities.

I deeply wish for those in charge of our Kingdom (the United States of America), to release the stranglehold on their inner Scheherazade and allow her to guide them. She calls out to them under the veil of night while they ride the magic carpet of their bed through the dreamworld, whether they are the conscious of it or not.

In the meantime, let’s begin with cultivating within ourselves deeper levels of self-awareness and communication in service to what we hold most dear.

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