Regaining Access to Spiritual Technology Through Scheherazade School of Sacred Dance

June 10, 2017

Scheherazade School of Sacred Dance

Many of us feel a deep hunger to elevate goodness, celebrate beauty, and restore authentic connection to ourselves and one another in an increasingly fragmented and chaotic global society.

There is a growing understanding that, though the benefits of modernism and technology are indeed profound, they have also contributed to our disconnect from the natural world and intimate human contact.

In our glorification of materialism we as a culture have largely lost access to the spiritual technology that once connected us more deeply to the subtle realm of intuition, the purview of art and dreams.

It is time to reintegrate these aspects, for we are paying the price for their loss in terms of our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

While no doubt a great achievement of humanity, a dogmatic emphasis on the superiority of rational thinking does not take into consideration the subtle wisdom of the heart and body, expressed through emotional nuance and physical sensation, which results in misguided action and vague inexplicable feeling that something is missing.

The mini stress fractures and traumas brought on by increased isolation and loss of emotional intimacy compound over time and hold our systems hostage, leaving us impermeable to deep feeling states and vulnerable to dis-ease.

As the distracted mind races to keep up with modern expectations, the deep psyche is yearning for loving attention and the exhausted stressed-out body is screaming for relief.

Embodied creative expression can be a powerful tool to get beneath the skin and transform from within.

This is where Scheherazade School of Sacred Dance comes in, as a resource for cultivating deep joy, embodied healing, authentic connection, divine inspiration, and feminine vitality in service to ourselves and our communities.

Drawing on decades of study of the psyche and the embodied wisdom of cultures with ancient roots, the Scheherazade School invites you to join in the dance and affirm your commitment to your own well-being and those around you.

It has been said that the strength of a community is reflected in how effortlessly they form a circle.

Let us come together and celebrate this most ancient of practices.