Technique and Choreography Training Options For Dancers

Are you a more experienced dancer?

Scheherazade School of Dance & Sacred Movement is open to everyone, however if you are a more experienced dancer or want professional training, there are different ways we can work together.

Workshop Intensives for Dance Schools

The following weekend immersions are available for booking*:

  • HAMSA: 5 Women’s Dances from the Middle East
  • Flame of the Heart: Mystical Dance Traditions from the Middle East and Central Asia
  • Drawing the Wind: Embodying the Exquisite World of Persian Dance
  • Silk Road Journeys: An Introduction to the Dances of Central Asia

*Descriptions and pricing available upon request.


Hannah teaching Afghani dance in Barcelona
Hamsa: 5 Women’s Dances from the Middle East


“Hannah Romanowsky is the Real Deal. A gorgeous woman and dancer in her own right. And she’s a gifted teacher, breaking down complex movements and responding clearly to questions. She’s a cultural diva, having traveled through many countries along the Silk Road and learned the mysteries, movements and dances. She loves sharing the wealth of what she knows.”
~ Leslie L.

“Besides being a beautiful, skilled and knowledgeable dancer, Hannah was an excellent teacher. She was organized in her method so that students learned steps and technique which were then incorporated into a choreography, we could take home with us and practice. Hannah was able to work with varied dance levels in the class and adjust as needed while maintaining the integrity of the dance genre and style. It was amazing to have learned 2 complete choreographies and learn so many new and wonderful movements. The class was a lot of fun, and Hannah made everyone feel at ease and able. I look forward to taking future workshops with her and seeing her perform.”
~ Saundra S.

“Hannah Romanowsky is one of the most knowledgeable dancers to study with on the dance circuit. Her desire to share her talent and vast understanding of world dance and culture makes her a must-have master instructor for any dancer to train with. And the best part about Hannah Romanowsky is there isn’t an ounce of diva in her!”
~ Rebecca D.

Technique and Choreography Master Classes
(2-3 hour workshops @ $200/hr)

Traditional: Iranian/Persian, Turkish Romani, Moroccan, Arabic, Afghan, Tajik, Uzbek Contemporary/Fusion Repertoire & Signature Choreography (list available upon request)


Private Technique & Choreography Coaching for Dancers ($95/hr) / Semi-Private Coaching
(2-5 people, $150/hr)

Interested in learning traditional or contemporary fusion dance technique and choreography for yourself or your dance troupe? Contact me to book a coaching session online or in-person.