Scheherazade’s School of Sacred Movement presents:

Dance Your Healing:
Embodying the Joyful Feminine through Ecstatic Movement Meditation

3-Part Workshop Series for Women

Led by Hannah Romanowsky, M.A.


This workshop series reawakens deep body memory and activates our capacity for healing and transformation through the experiential exploration of women’s ritual dance. Drawing from ancient and authentic healing and sacred movement practices from the Middle East and beyond, topics will include: Shaking as Ecstatic Medicine, Whirling the Web of Creation, and Swaying the Sensual Soul.

Participants will explore tried-and-true embodied teachings and ecstatic movement techniques designed to move stuck energy through the body, release stress, and promote happiness and well-being. Participants will dance away feeling nourished by women’s community, empowered with embodied practices they can apply to their lives, and joyfully uplifted through the movement and music.


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Shaking as Ecstatic Medicine

Our ancestors sure knew how to shake it up! Before wildly embodied spiritual expression was codified and subdued into formal rituals and heady discourse, humans communed with the Holy and healed themselves and others by entering trance states that were often brought on through music and rhythmic dance. One of the oldest forms of ecstatic movement, still practiced today in various cultures around the world, is shaking.

Whirling the Web of Creation

From the cells in your body to the galaxies in the heavens, everything in nature whirls, and the whole universe dances! Align yourself with the patterns of the heavens through embodied sacred geometry and whirling technique.  From Sufi mystical practices to the interlocking, weaving, circular patterns of folk dance, humans have traced the path of stars through sacred movement, reaffirming Unity and the divine design. Come swirl your toes in the stars and feel the connective ripples extend through the cosmos, releasing what doesn’t serve you and reaffirming Unity and Divine Order through sacred movement.


Swaying the Sensual Soul

Sweetly open your tender heart and drop into your womb power, allowing chakra-stimulating undulations to ripple through your snake-body. The deeply nourishing, fluid movements of belly dance are intrinsically healing, particularly for the feminine body that intimately understands the complementary nature of life and death. Through her undulating body a women experiences pleasure, pain, grief, longing, and awakening.

Are you drawn to ecstatic dance and movement as a spiritual or healing practice? 

Are you yearning to more deeply embody the Feminine and connect to ancient ways of being in community?

Are you new to movement and searching for a loving supportive container to explore in?

If so, this workshop series is for you!

Come on a journey with Hannah Romanowsky, delving into tried-and-true embodied teachings and ecstatic movement techniques designed to move energy through the body, release stress, and promote well-being.

This is a time to let go, open the heart, and surrender to embodied mystery!

No previous movement experience necessary.



About Scheherazade’s School of Sacred Movement Workshops:

Longing to reconnect, recharge, and revivify your body and soul while exploring authentic dance techniques with an ancient lineage? At Scheherazade’s Sacred Movement you will experience the joy, connection, and heart-awakening physical engagement of community dance inspired by traditions from Central Asia, the Near East, and North Africa with Hannah Romanowsky. This is dance therapy as our ancestors have practiced throughout human history. No previous experience necessary! 


Hannah Romanowsky,  M.A., is Founding Director and Spirit Dance Mentor of the Scheherazade School of Dance & Sacred Movement. She has been researching, embodying, and teaching women’s dances from the greater Middle East and beyond for over two decades. Hannah has devoted her life to reawakening the Feminine through embodied art and ritual, and restoring dance as a vehicle of joy, healing, and transformation in modern times. Hannah’s background in somatic therapy and psycho-spiritual growth informs her approach to dance as sacred expression and embodied medicine. Hannah lives near San Francisco where she teaches master classes and workshops, leads retreats, and mentors clients.