Private Dance Lessons with Hannah Romanowsky

 Are you looking for private dance lessons or coaching?  If  the answer is YES, there are different ways we can work together one-on-one, depending on your needs.  I can teach you dance technique, and I can also provide coaching for those wishing to deepen their relationship to movement as a therapeutic and healing resource.

Private dance lessons are held at Suzie’s Studio in San Rafael, unless other arrangement are made. If you live somewhere else, Skype sessions are also available.

Below are a sample of my offerings. If there is something you want to learn that you don’t see here, just ask! 🙂 


Dance Your Healing Body-Tune Sessions

Explore the healing power of dance and develop your own movement mediation utilizing the Scheherazade School’s Dance your Healing formula. Hannah will introduce you to powerful and ancient techniques for revitalizing your spirit and realigning your body.

In working one-on-one with Hannah you will have the opportunity to be nourished by the wisdom of your own body while honoring the wisdom of our ancestors. In this way you can reclaim movement as a sacred practice in your life. Open this powerful portal of self healing and discovery, and dance deeper into the mystery!

90/hr or $320 for 4 hour-long sessions


Dance your Pleasure SILK Sessions for Women

Women, do you crave more sensual self-expression in your life?  Open up to more freedom, joy, creativity, grace, and pleasure in movement through SILK sessions. We will create a dance just for you to warm your heart, inspire your spirit, and awaken your body.

SILK sessions are perfect for women going through a relationship transition or otherwise in need of self-nourishment, playfulness, and embodied delight! 

$90/hr or $320 for 4 hour-long sessions



Dance Technique & Choreography Training for Professional or Recreational Dancers

Are you a professional performing artist, dance teacher, or recreational dancer?  Hannah offers private coaching in technique and choreography from Central Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East; including dance from Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, India, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and more.  Belly dance lessons also available.

$90/hr dance training or $320 for 4 hour-long sessions


Social Dance Lessons for Men and Couples

 Hey fellas, are you nervous about that upcoming wedding where you might be expected to dance? Or would you like to show your lady a good time on the dance floor but are unsure of what to do? Dancing can be an terrific way to connect and have fun, and once you know the basics a whole new world opens up to you. 

I LOVE helping men shine on the dance floor! Schedule a private lesson with me to learn social dance basics. Find out more about my offerings for men and couples at:

Singles or couples (same price): $90/hr, or $320 for 4 hour-long lessons Wedding dance choreography: $100/hr



“I had gone through a tough 18 months of sorrow and grief after loosing my partner of 15 years and mom within six months of each other. Hannah worked with me, developing a dance specifically for me that would help open my heart.

And she helped mend my heart and soul through private lessons and learning her dance. I would recommend her to anyone at any time in their lives. Dancing with her has brought be such joy! You will have such fun with her!”