Guedra Community Blessing Prayer




Guedra is a joyful community blessing prayer from North Africa. This embodied tribal healing ritual is intended to spread good will and raise spirits.  The community sits in a circle and chants, claps, and dances primarily with the hands. Women play a central role and act as spiritual intermediaries. They extending their healing blessings towards members of the community through their hands.

Wednesday November 7 from 7-8 pm at Rudramandir (Ghazal Room #103) in Berkeley CA. Please consult parking map:


Facilitator Hannah Romanowsky will lead you through the Guedra ritual, teaching you the chants, clapping patterns, and movements. Women, men, and children are welcome to attend. No previous experience necessary.

Suggested donation: $10-15 (paid at door)

Want to start a Guedra circle in your area? Invite Hannah to lead a Guedra blessing ritual in your community! Participants will learn the claps, chants, and dance movements associated with this traditional practice. Contact Hannah