Dance & Culture Courses

The following dance and culture courses taught by Hannah Romanowsky, M.A. are offered live through College of Marin Community Education in Kentfield CA. Courses are comprised of both multi-media lecture/demo and dance/movement. No prior experience is required. Next sessions starts Tuesday, August 27 2019. Join my email list to be notified when registrations open.

*Note all course topics are available for booking as individual specialty workshops or multi-media lecture-demo presentations.


Cultural Migrations: Dancing East to West

Join the caravan and journey to far-away lands, exploring world cultures through their dance and music. We will follow the trail of the nomads learning dances from North Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Class will consist of both dance instruction and multimedia lecture-demo. Appropriate for all levels. No movement experience required.

Fall Series 1 (Aug 27-Oct 1) highlights Romani dance, music, and culture from Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Spain.

Fall Series 2 (Oct 29 – Dec 3) highlights dance, music, and culture from Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Lebanon

Cultural Migrations: Dancing East to West



Past Courses

Migrations and Cultural Encounters: Nomads, Caravans, and Dancing along the Silk Road

From Jaisalmer in India to Bagdad and beyond, the “Silk Road” was a vast network of land and sea routes connecting great civilizations of the classical and medieval eras. Cities strategically situated along the most traveled routes became wealthy centers of trade and an opulent court culture developed, boasting exceptional craftsmen, musicians, poets, and dancers. Explore the rich cultural histories of Central and Western Asia through their dance traditions; connecting the rich cultural legacy of these lands to modern times and the people inhabiting these regions. In the process we will also explore how migrations and cultural encounters serve to enrich and inspire through the trade of ideas, art, goods, and technology.

Migrations & Cultural Encounters blog series


Swaying the Soul: Women, Dance, and Spirituality in the Islamic World

This course will highlight the artistic and spiritual contributions of the Muslim world through its dance and music, giving special attention to women’s rituals and traditional healing practices. Topics include: the history of women, dance, and music in the ancient world; indigenous healing rituals in Central Asia and North Africa; women and dance in Iran and Afghanistan; Sufism and trance states. This course includes both lecture and embodied learning components. No previous dance training or movement experience is necessary. All ages and abilities are welcome.