Happy 2018 New Year’s Message from Hannah

January 02, 2018

Happy New Year from Hannah and the Scheherazade School of Sacred Movement!

Hannah serving as Dance Priestess at Seven Sisters Mystery School winter solstice event Dec 20

I spent the last day of 2017 with my sweetheart of almost 10 years, Tom, who showered me with love and appreciation by, among other things, taking me to the nail salon for a rare treat of a mani-pedi.  While waiting for my deliciously pink nails to dry I thumbed through the local paper, the Pacific Sun, and dragged my eyes over the horoscope page. Usually horoscopes in the paper are a bit of a stretch when it comes to how they apply to my life, but this one caught my eye. It said, in so many words, this year find the original name for that which you love. Find it’s source and origin. Wow. That is exactly what I’ve committed to doing!

In 2017 I launched my new program, the Scheherazade School of Sacred Movement, Dedicated to Reawakening the Feminine through Embodied Art and Ritual. Having had a career as a performing artist, with 20 years of my life passionately devoted to researching, embodying, and teaching traditional dance from the Middle East and beyond, my heart was yearning to go deeper. I resolved to return to the source of dance as a means of connecting with Spirit, reaffirming the healing capacity of movement with the intention to serve others through new offerings for all women (not just dancers). This past year has been spent in deep contemplation and research, exploring the ancient and inner dimensions of the art and practice of movement as sacred expression.

I still love to be engaged in the creative act of choreography, performance, and the ritual of regalia, and maintain those dimensions of my offerings through technique classes, specialty workshops for dancers, and my student performance company, the Dunyazade Dance Ensemble. However, this past year also saw the birth of a series of experiential half-day workshops, two successful weekend retreats, and the beginnings of my private coaching practice – all exploring the relationship among movement, spirituality, and healing.

The horoscope I read in the paper December 31 reflected back to me that I am on the right track. When we’re in alignment with our purpose Spirit leaves breadcrumbs along the path.  I wish the same for you this year – that you, too, feel alignment with your path and purpose.  Remember that seeds planted with loving intention and care take time to sprout. Be patient and don’t give up!  We each have an important and wholly unique part to play in the Great Mystery, and through each of our lives the Divine is knowing and experiencing Creation. Your life experience and insights are a vital piece of the puzzle. That’s my affirmation for 2018. Let’s co-create the world we want together.

2017 was challenging, to be sure. But in times of challenge one’s gifts and strengths are called forth. The Universe demands it, actually. This is a time of transition and opportunity.

If you haven’t seen the welcome video on my homepage, I want to share it with you here. This was the intention that I set forth at the beginning of last year that I am recommitting to for 2018. (For those who prefer to read it, the transcript is below.)

Wishing you all the best in 2018. And hope to see you real soon!

With love,

Are you hungry to explore the relationship between dance, spirituality and healing? If you’re like me and many of my clients who are on a spiritual journey, you have discovered the incredible power of dance and its ability to touch something deep within your soul.  In the 20 years I have been studying, embodying and teaching various traditions of dance, I discovered that there is indeed a very powerful coding embedded in dance that, come from an ancient lineage of embodied wisdom that has the power to both heal and transform.

I have found that each dance imparts a unique sensation, nuance, and character, that goes much deeper than choreography and costumes.  Stepping into each one is like wearing the precious sacred garment of a culture, a tradition emanating from a particular landscape and rich history of its people, with its own spiritual legacy that feeds into the larger wisdom stream.  And like precious garments threaded together with love and unique intention, each dance allows you to try on and reintegrate an aspect of yourself that perhaps has been lost or in hiding. The spiritual exploration of dance has allowed me to reclaim aspects of myself, especially authentic expressions of femininity that had been scattered, lost, or disowned, deepening my connection to my deeper wisdom as well as all of humanity. And now I want to help you through this powerful journey.

After spending decades distilling the embodied wisdom of various dance traditions, I have found how deeply connected they are to the Divine Feminine, and how they can serve as a sacred practice, activating the subtle energies of the body.  Dance can become a portal through which we can pass, transmuting heavier energies so they may be released, reminding us that we are all a spark of the Divine, made in her image, and our natural state is brimming with joy, love, and sensuality.

If you want to begin the process of opening this powerful portal, I invite you to download the guided meditation “Scheherazade’s journey deep within the Feminine soul”, which will start the journey to transform your spiritual path into a beautiful sacred dance of awakening.

Thank you for taking this time to be with me and explore these ideas within yourself. Until we meet again, may your light dance brightly.