New fall lecture course at College of Marin

August 02, 2018

I am DELIGHTED to be offering a lecture course on women, dance and spirituality through College of Marin’s Community Education program this fall. Students who attend my technique classes and movement workshops, this is a terrific opportunity to supplement your training with background cultural information. This 7-week course will include multimedia and embodied learning components. Join me Tuesday evenings!

“Swaying the Soul: Women, Dance, and Spirituality in the Islamic World”


This course will highlight the artistic and spiritual contributions of the Muslim world through its dance and music, giving special attention to women’s rituals and traditional healing practices. Topics include: the history of women, dance, and music in the ancient world; indigenous healing rituals in Central Asia and North Africa; women and dance in Iran and Afghanistan; Sufism and trance states. This course includes both lecture and embodied learning components. No previous dance training or movement experience is necessary. All ages and abilities are welcome.

3623 | Romanowsky | KTD | SMN 227
7 Tuesdays 7:10-8:30pm | Aug 28-Oct 9
$98  Register here

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