Iranian Dance 7-week series

March 09, 2018

Iranian Dance 7-week series with Hannah Romanowsky

Tuesdays 3/13 – 4/24 @ 8-9pm ($20/class)
Dance with Sherry Studio, San Rafael CA

Learn Persian traditional and contemporary women’s dance technique and a choreography to the urban jaheli dance, popular among the Iranian community. Performance opportunities available with full series registration ($140).

Description of Iranian or Persian Dance – Persian women’s solo improvised dance places emphasis on delicate hand flourishes, graceful and stylized movements of the arms, shoulder accents, and manipulation of the facial features in a flirtatious and sometimes amusing manner.  For the professional dancer, Persian dance is a virtuoso art form that maintains the same aesthetics but with more intricate technique and often includes ecstatic turns. Arms float overhead as the dancer glides ethereally across the floor or sinks languidly into beautiful torso extensions. Through fluid shape-shifting the dancer expresses ancient mythical symbology and spiritual longing, representing Divine beauty and the intoxication of union with the Beloved. Persian classical dance takes inspiration from other forms of Persian art, including miniature paintings, calligraphy, music, poetry, and architecture.

In this workshop series the beginning portion of class will be focused on traditional (classical) technique, and the second portion will feature choreography to contemporary music.  The featured choreography will be in the jehali style, a cheeky dance where a woman imitates a “tough guy” character. This fun dance is a favorite of the Iranian American community and a great addition to a belly dancer’s repertoire.

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