Interview with Holly Shaw, Host of the Performers & Creators Lab

March 20, 2018

Recently I was delighted to be asked by my long-time friend and colleague, Creativity Coach Holly Shaw, to be interviewed on her podcast “Performers & Creators Lab” on Voice of America.  Check it out!

E7 Shake It Off: How to Turn Stage Fright Into Magnetism

March 7, 2018
Hosted by Holly Shaw

Episode Description: Have you ever been so nervous that you choked up during a performance or an audition? Listen as Holly unpacks the surprising truth about stage fright and shares a revelation she discovered that no one else is talking about when it comes to this anxiety that plagues amateurs and experienced artists all the same. You’ll learn a powerful method for transforming stage fright into magnetism that you can use right away in this week’s Initiation Exercise. You’ll also hear from dance professional, Hannah Romanowsky, and learn how the human body is designed to be a vehicle to move through trauma and fear. You can find bonus video clips from this episode at on the Interviews with Artists page.