About Hannah Romanowsky

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As a dance professional, I have devoted over 20 years of my life to researching, teaching, and performing women’s dances from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia.

I’ve experienced the transformative value, both personally and collectively, of the rich embodied spiritual landscapes and healing practices rooted in these ancient cultures.

When I started the Scheherazade School of Sacred Dance in 2017,  it was a call particularly to women yearning to embody a deeper state of well-being. They wish to reclaim their feminine gifts and reignite the flames of love, strength and unity.

Dance, music, and other expressive arts have the power to instill all of this within us.

My intention is to do my part in creating a world that honors our body as a source of deep wisdom and spiritual insight. Where people are healthy, happy, and feel connected to one another, and the contributions of all humanity to our collective wisdom stream are lifted up and treasured.

I believe this is an important step forward if we are to live in a world informed by wisdom and compassion rather than fear and anxiety.

My wish is to offer up insights I have cultivated from decades of experience in these realms to you and others as a resource for your own well-being. So that your right action in the world is grounded and embodied even as tumultuous waves crash around you.

I invite you to explore this website to learn more about dynamic dance traditions and their capacity to heal. Don’t forget to sign up for the guided journey “Scheherazade’s Journey Deep within the Feminine Soul” in the right hand column.

Hope we can dance together soon!

Much love,