Eclipse of the Heart

July 24, 2018

Have you been agitated lately? Are energies and emotions you thought were a thing of the past stirring up again? Are you feeling a sense of uncertainty or perhaps frustration? If this sounds like you, rest assured, you are not alone. With the approaching lunar eclipse and Mars in retrograde, many people are experiencing, as astrologer Mary Louise Hegarty  puts it, a cosmic whiplash. This is a time to take a deep breath. Get off media and into nature. Get out of your head and into your body. Find the cosmic humor of it all. This is a time for self-care as we, personally and collectively, move through a potentially disorientating but ultimately healing transformation over the next couple months.

Here’s a suggestion: Find time this week to turn on music you love and dance it out. Turn up the tunes and belt out your favorite song.  Allow the icky, mucky feelings of grief, frustration, anger, and uncertainly flush through your body. Stamp the ground to reaffirm your fierce loving loyalty to all you cherish and proclaim your embodied presence on this planet. Sway your heart until tears fall as a reminder to be gentle with yourself and others. Let it out because You matter. You have a special part to play in the drama of existence, and we need you more than ever. You are here at this time for a reason, however subtle or unseen that part may sometimes seem.

There have been moments in my life when my heart was heavy. When a shock or trauma brought me to my knees.  During one challenging time in particular, I comforted myself by putting on a song my grandmother used to sing: “Annie’s Song” by John Denver.  (listen to it here). This moment of deep distress transformed into a heart-achingly beautiful act of healing, as I danced around the room feeling the presence of all that was good and loving in the world. In that moment I knew without a doubt how supported and loved I was. Music and movement helped me tap into my own capacity for healing and made me permeable to the benevolent angels and spirits that encircled me every minute of my life. I realized then I am never alone. And neither are you.

So what is that resource for you? What is that sweet and special song that brings tears to your eyes and makes you feel safe? Where is that place you go to reconnect and recharge? Make a list with the tender care and attention you would give a child.  When the going gets tough and sensations of helplessness and constriction set in, refer to it.

I have a resource for you:  If you are drawn to being in community this weekend, join us Saturday July 28 for the next Scheherazade’s Dance Temple. This event is in service to cultivating a warm and loving sacred space for women to move, dance, laugh, and play. Come shake, whirl and sway freely to tribal rhythms and soulful melodies from ancient lands. Adornment, silks, coin scarves, and finger cymbals will be provided for your amusement.  Come feel the joy of connection, the pleasure of movement, and tap into the ancient wisdom stream that has nourished the human community for thousands and thousands of years. When the going gets tough, the people dance!

Pre-register and save $5

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