Dancing with the Stars

April 14, 2018

Lord Shiva Cosmic Dance

Ancient humans experienced the universe so different from the way we perceive it today.  For them, the entire manifest world was alive with Spirit. Through their dance and ritual, the Ancients were not imitating the processes of Creation but actively participating in it.  It was self-evident that all matter contained an unseen reality dripping with significance and meaning.  

In those times it was foretold that humans would forget their sense of wonder and cease to regard the universe with reverence. Looking around us today, some would say that prophesy has indeed come to pass. It was also foretold that a time of darkness would be followed by a spiritual resuscitation, and humanity would once again drink from the eternal well with wondrous eyes and open hearts, singing and dancing blessings, gratitude, and praise.  

This prophesied time of spiritual revitalization -that could in fact be emerging in our era- heralds the return of the Queen. In order to balance the scale, this new era will necessarily coalesce
 around the the Feminine face of the Divine and her attributes, the resacralizing of the body and earth, and the union of Spirit and Form. This is the true spiritual marriage, and through ritual we honor the lovers’ consummation, the joining together of heaven and earth.

Our modern minds have evolved the ability to conceptualize breathtaking vistas of knowledge regarding many aspects of reality. Fully honoring the journey of our achievements, what would it be like if, with the gifts of our modern consciousness, we roused the intuitive insight and soul perception that permeated the world of our distant ancestors?  What would it be like if the great evolutionary leaps of every human era were translucent to our multidimensional consciousness and available for us to draw from?

The first literary works were hymns to the Gods.  The first chants a sacred bridge to Source. The first dances ecstatic expressions of union with All That Is.

What if we tweeted in hiaku?
what if pop divas were priestesses crooning love songs to the Divine?
What if “Dancing with the Stars” were truly dancing with the stars?
What if…?
What if…?