DanceVersity Summer World Dance Camp for Youth

June 13, 2018

DanceVersity World Dance Summer Camp for Youth

I founded DanceVersity World Dance for Youth 13 years ago as a means of inspiring children to connect their lives and hearts to the greater world through the joy, beauty, physical engagement, and community connection of world dance traditions.  Back when I was growing up there weren’t too many alternatives for those kids who didn’t connect with ballet, tap, jazz, or hip-hop.  I’ve heard many stories of children – now adults- who abandoned their love of dance because they didn’t fit the ballet body-type, or believed they weren’t “cut out” to be a professional.  I understand how intimating the world of dance technique can sometimes be. I was fortunate to grow up in a very loving and supportive dance studio that was like a second home to me, and though it seemed everyone in my class but me wanted to be a professional dancer (I was just doing it “for fun”),  I believe I am the only one who actually pursued a professional career in the dance arts. 

I attribute that to the fact I developed a passion for studying culture through dance, which opened up for me many alternative creative avenues to having a career in the arts. Nowadays, if you are fortunate enough to live in cosmopolitan multicultural environments like the San Francisco bay area, it is possible to find children’s  programs in all kinds of cultural dance.  While there may have been isolated classes offered in certain communities, back in 2005 DanceVersity was a pioneer in bringing global consciousness to kids lives through multicultural arts programs.  In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of their place in the great world of art and culture, DanceVersity gives children more options of how they can engage with dance and movement, as well as a diverse faculty representing many body types, skin colors, and dress.  DanceVersity is as much about building self-esteem as cross-cultural competency.

Do you have or  know kids aged 7-teen who would love learning dance from countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Brazil, Haiti, West Africa, Egypt?  They are invited to  to join us this August at our yearly summer camp at Ashkenaz in Berkeley. Registrations are now open! Please visit our website to learn more:


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