Upcoming 2019 Events

Sunday May 5 (6-8pm) ~ Sorayya’s Spring Dance Showcase @ 251 Hearst Gym, Berkeley, CA


Hannah will be performing:

Russian Romani dance ~ With an established history as a theatrical genre for the stage, Russian Romani (Gypsy) dance blends traditional elements, such as foot stomping, with

theatrical staging and takes inspiration from Russian aesthetics. Joyful and energetic, women use a wide full skirt in large graceful swirling movements, expressive arms held high over the head, exuberant turns, and percussive footwork.

Moroccan dance ~ The chikhat are the professional dancers and singers of Morocco hired to entertain at weddings and other family celebrations.  In addition to robust hip and shoulder articulations, the dancer may display her skill by balancing a tea tray on the head while executing complex isolations and acrobatic floor-work. 

This performance features professional and student dancers performing dance from Central Asia and the Middle East. The show is a benefit for the Sorayya: Middle Eastern and Central Asian Dance Troupe directed by Natalie Nayun. Tickets are sliding scale.





June 28-30, 2019 ~ Hannah teaches workshops at the Austin Belly Dance Convention, Austin TX

Hannah will be teaching workshops in Moroccan chikhat dance and her signature “Dance of the Fire Priestess” interpretive candle choreography. Moroccan dance workshop participants will have the opportunity to perform the piece in the Sunday showcase.  Check out the workshops offered