Birthday Gratitude and Reflections

March 12, 2018

Thank you mille fois for the generous food, drinks, roses, gifts, and -most of all- your warm  smiles at my birthday celebration March 4. Tom and I were delighted to have you join us for such a special evening and hope you enjoyed our vintage dance “Black Bottom”, as well as “Sexy French Depression”, “Ishtar’s Daughters”, and  “Movement of the Spheres” performed by the Dunyazade Dance Ensemble. We were thrilled to be able to entertain and inspire you, and your gracious hearts brought me so much joy.  Once I have a chance to edit some video I will post clips for those who couldn’t make it.

Some of you after the show remarked on how the lineup paid tribute to a broad spectrum of the human experience, including: sensuality, drama, grief and violence, beauty and art, connection and love, cultural history, earth-cosmic consciousness and transcendence.  I am so pleased you were stirred on multiple levels, as my intention is always to sweeten your hearts – whether through a saucy cabaret dance with fishnets and red boas or inspired sacred whirling. I relish in exploring all dimensions of the human experience and have always felt that no aspect is more holy than another.  As the Sufis say “Everywhere you turn, there is the face of God.”  As Tantra teaches “One reaches heaven by the very things which may lead to hell.”

As a lifelong dancer and performing artist, my body has always been my vehicle for spiritual expression. I take this for granted, though through others I’ve experienced the deep disconnection that exists for many between the body and and the spiritual. This split between body and spirit, a defining feature of most traditional religions, may well have been an important development in our psychological and spiritual evolution at one time.  However, in today’s world we are baring witness to the tragedy of disembodiment that permeates our relationship (or lack of) to our bodies, one another, the Feminine and planet earth.  It is time to reinstate an “I/Thou” relationship with these aspects and redefine the sacred nature of the whole of human experience – even the ugly or troublesome parts that we just wish would go away.

For this reason I deeply admire the pioneering women and men who are stepping out and reclaiming sexuality (in all its complexity and grit) and the body, bringing light to the dark recesses of our psyches, for it is only through integration and reweaving together our earthy, sometimes messy human challenges with our transcendent spiritual natures that we fully “grow up and wake up” (to borrow a phrase from philosopher Ken Wilber). As someone who takes an evolutionary perspective on the human adventure, I am so excited to see what unfolds as we more fully and consciously develop along both of these axis.

Thank YOU for inspiring me to continue searching for and creating moments of shared beauty, art, compassion, love, and opportunities to touch and be touched. That’s what it’s all about, folks!

And there are wonderful opportunities coming up to connect through the art of dance and movement…

With much love,