Persian Dance

Persian / Iranian dance

Persian dance, also called Iranian dance,  is an improvisational solo art form high-lighting delicate flourishes of the hands, sculptural arm patterns and engagingly coy facial expressions. The professional dancer may also include complex footwork that traverses space, a wide variety of turns and whirling sequences, and languid torso extensions.  Persian dance focuses on the upper body, is light and delicate in feeling, and often contains mystical themes, such as yearning for the Beloved.  Hannah performs Persian dance for weddings, poetry readings, Nouruz, Yalda, and other celebrations highlighting Persian culture.

Hannah Romanowsky is a San Francisco based performing artist and teacher specializing in women’s dances from the Middle East and Central Asia. She has over 30 years of experience in the dance arts, and is devoted to sharing the joy, beauty and embodied wisdom of traditional dance through performances, workshops, and retreats.

Ms. Romanowsky is Founder of the DanceVersity multicultural youth arts education program and the Scheherazade School of Sacred Movement. She was a principal artist with Aywah! Ethnic Dance Company, Ballet Afsaneh, and Wan-Chao Dance, and has been a guest artist at universities, museums and festivals throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

Hannah was trained in Persian dance by Usted Sharlyn Sawyer, director of the esteemed Ballet Afsaneh, and is a popular instructor and performing artist among the Iranian community of northern California.



“My husband & I were enchanted by Hannah’s dancing. Her movement is graceful and fluid; her every muscle is in the dance. Exquisite. She is also a beautiful woman with a smile that radiates delight – a sheer joy to watch.” -Donna G & Brad VE, Oakland, CA