Who is Scheherazade?

One of the greatest storytellers of all time, Scheherazade was a priestess of the soul secure in her craft and art. In the liminal space between night and light, she spoke her wisdom through symbols and healed through tales tinctured with dreams; thus revealing the condition of the human psyche, in all its glory and struggles, to better understand the inner-workings of the self.  As literary heroine in the collection of ancient Middle-Eastern tales called 1001 Nights or Arabian Nights, Scheherazade is our muse and inspiration because she represents the power of the voice of the feminine to heal the imbalances of our world, and the importance of healing on the subtle realm through storytelling, art, and dreams. Read more about her

What kind of programs are offered through the Scheherazade School?

We serve people with different needs and goals, and our programs fall into two general categories: (1) Experiential movement for the non-trained dancer searching for alternative holistic healing modalities who wants to explore embodiment as a spiritual or healing practice, and (2) Technical training in belly dance, social dance, cultural and folkloric dance from Central Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and beyond for the professional or casual dancer. Contact us to find out which offerings are right for you!

What do you mean by “sacred movement”?

We honor the body as a vehicle of prayer, and recognize sacred movement as operating on a spectrum. Sacred movement may include: community rituals, practices, or traditions intending to call in spirit or facilitate healing, sacred performance or choreography that embodies spiritual concepts and teachings, and movements associated with ecstatic states of divine bliss or trance practices. Sacred movement could also be the embodied prayer you offer up in the intimacy of your personal relationship with God, or an experience of being “in the flow”, as if being danced by something greater than yourself. We believe the distinctions between secular and sacred are permeable, and that any art that uplifts and inspires love contains a bit of God. Every embodied experience that touches the heart, from the sweet to the most wildly ecstatic, moves us towards consecrated ground.

Where are you located and how can I study with you?

“Scheherazade School” is a metaphor for the wisdom stream of our ancestors, across culture and time, and the healing stories that are told through art including dance. It is also a virtual school that is dedicated to sharing that knowledge.  Like nomads, we do not have a location and teach at different locations. Hannah Romanowsky lives San Rafael CA, in Marin County just north of San Francisco, teaching at BodyVibe Studio. Private coaching sessions, weekly belly dance technique classes, Scheherazade’s Dance Temple, and other community programs are offered at this location, as well as other locations throughout the San Francisco bay area and beyond. Join our email list to be notified about upcoming events.
If you live too far away, consider asking a local sponsor to bring Hannah out for a workshop or retreat. You can also schedule a private session with Hannah via Skype.

What do you mean by “the Feminine”?

In speaking of the Feminine we are referring to the aspect of each of us, man or woman, that reflects the qualities of the archetypal feminine, such as an orientation towards wholeness and inclusion, emotional bodies, sense of connectedness to the Earth, receptivity, emphasis on care and loving-kindness, and integration with the body, beauty, and sensuality.

Is the Scheherazade School just for women? Do you have programs for men?

Yes, we do have programs for men! While some of our offerings, such as the Scheherazade’s Dance Temple and weekend retreats, are specifically designed for women, men are welcome to attend most classes and workshops. Also, Hannah offers private coaching for men in social dance basics through her partnership with Suzie’s Studio.

Return Policy

There are no refunds though transfers are allowed. Contact Hannah for details.

Are you serious?

Best question ever, and the answer is… Absolutely not! 🙂 We believe that joy, love and laughter opens the gate to heaven and healing. All Scheherazade School workshops, retreats, and events affirm this fundamental truth.