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Shake Your Shakti

Stimulate your Feminine Essence through
Soulful Earthy Tribal Dance

Led by Hannah Romanowsky

Sunday September 10, 2017
1 – 4pm at the BodyVibe Studio in San Rafael, CA

How would it feel to ignite more sensual vitality and joyful feminine energy?

To tap into tried-and-true ancient sources of movement wisdom in community with the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth, and Sisterhood?

To open the Shakti energy stream to enhance your sexuality, physical health, and emotional well-being?

Shake Your Shakti flyer

Join Hannah Sunday September 10th to explore the gifts of indigenous embodied wisdom through dance and movement, which have traditionally served as a catalyst for personal and community healing.

This is a time for playful exploration and groovy fun!

No previous movement experience necessary.

This free workshop is a teaser for “Swaying the Soul: An Experiential Course in Women’s Sacred Dance Medicine” beginning September 23.     Click here for more information

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Hannah Romanowsky, Spirit Dance Mentor and Director of Scheherazade School of Sacred Dance, has been researching, embodying, and teaching women’s dances from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia for over two decades.

Her background in cross-cultural spirituality, psychology, somatic healing, and ethnology informs her understanding and approach to traditional dance as sacred expression and embodied medicine.