Scheherazade’s School of Sacred Movement presents:

When the Spirit Moves You

 An Afternoon

of Healing Trance Dance

Led by Hannah Romanowsky, M.A.

Sunday November 12, 2017
1:30 – 4:30 pm at the BodyVibe Studio in San Rafael, CA

Is This You?

Have you been dealing with grief and trauma and need to let it out?

Does your body feel stuck or in lock-down, or do you feel like you’ve been outside of your body?

Do you have a friend who has been going through challenging times, and you want to gift that person a  soul-filled, joyful, embodied experience to support them in their healing process?

If so, this special afternoon is for you!

Our ancestors understood the spiritual potency of music, movement, and ritual, and how trance states, when used consciously, can lead to deep healing.  

Join Hannah Sunday November 12th to explore the healing potency of music and movement through experiential practice. Included in this movement workshop is a presentation looking at compelling research in the history of trance and ecstatic states to invoke deep healing.

This is a time to let go, open the heart, and surrender to embodied mystery!

No previous movement experience necessary.

About Scheherazade’s School of Sacred Movement Workshops:

Longing to reconnect, recharge, and revivify your body and soul while exploring authentic dance techniques with an ancient lineage? At Scheherazade’s Sacred Movement you will experience the joy, connection, and heart-awakening physical engagement of community dance inspired by traditions from Central Asia, the Near East, and North Africa with Hannah Romanowsky. This is dance therapy as our ancestors have practiced throughout human history. Women and men are both welcomed. No previous experience necessary! 


Hannah Romanowsky, Spirit Dance Mentor and Director of Scheherazade School of Sacred Movement, has been researching, embodying, and teaching women’s dances from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia for over two decades.

Her background in cross-cultural spirituality, psychology, somatic healing, and ethnology informs her understanding and approach to traditional dance as sacred expression and embodied medicine.