Private Mentoring with Hannah Romanowsky

Healing your Feminine Soul Dance Mentorship



You want to reclaim hidden aspects of your femininity that yearn to be expressed

You are being called to awaken more fully to your capacity for self nurturance and healing

You long for a deeper, more embodied connection to Divine Feminine energy

You are seeking more joy, sensuality, and creative expression in your life?

You have grief and trauma that needs releasing.

Your relationship to your Womb is calling for healing.


In working one-on-one with Hannah you will have the opportunity to open up to and be nourished by this embodied wisdom stream, honoring the wisdom of our ancestors while reclaiming your own spiritual history and dance as a sacred practice in your life. Open this powerful portal of self healing and discovery, and dance deeper into the mystery!

In this complex and often isolating world we live in, where function and speed take precedence over genuine connection, sensation, intuition, and art, we may find ourselves vulnerable to stress and dis-ease, and feel a disconnect from our own bodies as a deep and reliable source of wisdom and guidance.

Even more, in many of the religious environments we grew up in the feminine face of Spirit was not honored, and there can remain a lingering sense of loss and a desire to reconnect to the Sacred Feminine.

Dance can be a powerful way to reclaim aspects of ourselves that may have been neglected or tossed aside, including archetypal energies that if allowed to express can be a nourishing source of strength and creativity.

In these sessions we will hone in on what it is you most desire and develop a movement practice that is unique to your life journey. Using somatic trauma therapy techniques we will release energies that no longer serve you, so that you can open up to more freedom, joy, and creativity in your life.


Single Class Package – $125
Includes 1 hour private coaching with guided video/audio for further support, written summery, and follow-up phone call.

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4 Class Package – $425
Includes 4 hours private coaching with guided video/audio for further support, written summary, and follow-up phone call. Props and regalia may be included.

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“I had gone through a tough 18 months of sorrow and grief after loosing my partner of 15 years and mom within six months of each other. Hannah worked with me, developing a dance specifically for me that would help open my heart.

And she helped mend my heart and soul through private lessons and learning her dance. I would recommend her to anyone at any time in their lives. Dancing with her has brought be such joy! You will have such fun with her!”