Dancing in the Garden of Roses


Persian / Iranian dance

Persian dance is an improvisational solo art form high-lighting delicate flourishes of the hands, sculptural arm patterns and engagingly coy facial expressions. The professional dance r may also include complex footwork that traverses space, a wide variety of turns and whirling sequences, and languid torso extensions.  In contrast to Arabic dance which places emphasis on the more earthy movements of the hips and torso, Persian dance focuses on the upper body, is lighter in feeling, and may contain a mystical quality or relate to spiritual themes.  Reserve Hannah for Nouruz, Yalda, and other celebrations highlighting Persian culture.



“My husband & I were enchanted by Hannah’s dancing. Her movement is graceful and fluid; her every muscle is in the dance. Exquisite. She is also a beautiful woman with a smile that radiates delight – a sheer joy to watch.” -Donna G & Brad VE, Oakland, CA